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We bring 
Latest Innovations

to the healthcare sector

About Us.

As a privately-owned company, our primary mission at Medical Solutions is to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions, expert consulting, and efficient management services to our dedicated caregivers in Kuwait. We strive to maximize our contribution to the healthcare sector by furnishing it with the latest medical innovations, superior quality products, and value-driven solutions that not only benefit caregivers but also enhance patient care.

With our wealth of experience and deep understanding of the Kuwaiti market, we maintain a clear growth vision, an astute business plan, and strategic objectives. Our ambition is to establish ourselves as a key player amidst market leaders, backed by meticulously planned goals rooted in our rich legacy of success. Our journey is shaped by unwavering passion, ethical conduct, extensive knowledge, a robust network, and an esteemed reputation built over the years.

Our Success

We are wholly devoted to our customers, committed to providing them with the finest offerings available in the market, and ensuring premium after-sales service through our well-trained and qualified team.

Our strength lies in representing a host of leading international companies of high repute, who are the market leaders in their respective domains. Their recognized and approved products have found widespread use across various disciplines in Kuwait.

Our commitment doesn't stop at product delivery. From the initial installation to on-site training, we provide comprehensive support programs for our products. Our highly-skilled customer service team is always ready to take your call and respond swiftly, ensuring you get the assistance you need when you need it.


Our most important resource

Nurturing and enabling them, developing critical thinkers and empowering stewards capable of driving growth. Proactively managing our HR requirements, we are increasing headcount annually, constantly seeking both fresh and experienced hands in various spheres of our activity.

Building on the foundation of "A Commitment to Excellence" in the products and services offered, "Enabling Excellence" in our people and processes, we are now

Powering Excellence

Growth requires discipline

The discipline to engage in continuous improvement, to continually invest in training, to meet commitments of performance and quality, to drive future growth through proof of concept pilots, to collect receivables, to be fiscally prudent, to deliver consistently growing dividends: and at all times be drivers of change that challenge status quo in delivering a "Superior Customer Experience".

Our Competencies


​Driving Long-Term Growth

We bridge the gap between strategic thinking and implementation with realistic action plans and tactical recommendations, enabling us to stretch our clients’ thinking while ensuring that final deliverables will move the organization toward achieving long-term goals and objectives.


The last few years have been invested in building a portfolio of principals, in the Diagnostic & Surgical Space. 


To become the market leader in our chosen businesses throughout the Kuwaiti market, yielding maximum return on investment for our shareholders and adding value to our stakeholders

To provide provide reliable, value added solutions to our customers through the introduction of new technologies and unique solutions imported from our technology partners

To adopt a comprehensive partnership culture with all employees, promoting team spirit and aligning their personal aspirations with that of the company’s vision


To be a leading Distributor of top branded medical in a very short time bringing lot of experiences with enthusiam, dedication and focus in the healthcare sector.


To grab any opportunity that will help to position our company as a market leader and one of the main player by providing the latest technologies supported by a well qualified team.


To create and maintain our excellent relationship with the customers by offering a well defined after sales customer service. To respond to all queries and to look for any potential that will help building our healthcare solution for better positioning.




I create beauty wherever I am, speaking softly, respecting the nature of each one in my contact. I express myself without pretense and without offense.


I am passionate about my vocation and delivering with excellence. I understand that empowerment requires a balance between freedom, support and control: encouragement and a light touch are often the best way.


I constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything I do. I am open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. The only constant in life is change and I believe that in order to stay relevant I must constantly improve.


I am the master of my destiny. I know that everything is created twice – first in the mind and then in the material world. I am able to accomplish anything I can think of. I shall no longer say I can’t.

Patient Care

I shall constantly strive to enable accountable healthcare and make the health system work better for all stakeholders

Backed by our values, a clear vision to grow and a focused business plan that is supported by well-planned strategic goals, objectives and targets, we strive to be a major player among the market leaders by supplying healthcare sector with latest innovations, best quality and value-added products to caregivers as well as patients.

We stand behind our products with full featured support programs - from initial installation to onsite training. We are fully committed to our customers and provide them with the best after-sales service available in the market, through our well trained and qualified customer service professionals.

Our representation of a large number of leading international companies of repute, who are the market leaders of their respective products, have been recognized, approved and used in almost all the discipline in Kuwait

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